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Aluminum Headphone Stand / Headset Holder / Desk Headphones Showing Display Hanger / Gaming Headset Hook Mount for Most Headphones Size (Red)

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Compact design, save space and make things tide.

The main piece is made of polished aluminum, the base is made of ABS plastic and the headband support is made of soft TPU, it's very sturdy and very well made can support a variety of sizes of headphones.

Help you better organize the desktop, save space. Keeps your headset away from crushing, spills or scratching.

Product Dimensions: 4.25 * 4.25 * 9.65 inches (10.8 * 10.8 * 24.5 cm)

Package Contents: Headphone stand X 1, Geekria Warranty

UPC: 638170762765

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Product Description

Compatible with (but not limited to):
- Bose QuietComfort QC35, QC25, QC3, QC2, QC15, A20, AE, AE2, OE2, TP-1, SoundTrue II, SoundTrue, SoundLink II, SoundLink
- ATH-SJ1, SJ3, SJ55, ES5, ES55, ES7, ESW9, ESW10, WS55, WS77, WS99, M10, M20, M20X, M30, M30x, M35, M40, M40x, M50, M50s, M50x, WS33, ANC29, ANC27
- AKG K845, K830BT, K618, K520, K518DJ, K451, K450, K420, K430, Q460, Y50BT, Y50, Y45BT
- JBL E40BT, E50BT, S300, S500, TMG81, J03B, J03S Tempo, J55, J56 BT, J88
- SONY MDR-100AAP, MDR-1A, MDR-1R, MDR-1RBT, MDR-1RNC, MDR-10R, MDR-10RBT, MDR-10RNC, MDR-7506, MDR-7520, MDR-MA900, MDR-NC6, MDR-NC7, MDR-NC8, MDR-CD900ST, MDR-V300, MDR-V500, MDR-V55, MDR-V6, MDR-V600, MDR-V900HD, MDR-XB300, MDR-XB400, MDR-XB450AP, MDR-XB500, MDR-XB600, MDR-XB800, MDR-XB900, MDR-XB920, MDR-ZX100, MDR-ZX110, DR-ZX110NC, MDR-ZX110AP, MDR-ZX300, MDR-ZX310AP, MDR-ZX600, MDR-ZX700
- Parrot Zik, Zik 2.0, Zik 3.0
- Beats Studio, Studio 2.0, Solo, Solo 2, Solo HD, Pro, Executive, Mixr
- Sennheiser Urbanite XL, Momentum, Momentum 2.0, Momentum On-Ear, Momentum 2.0 On-Ear, PXC 550, PXC 450, PXC 250-II, PX 200-II, PX 100-II, PX 95, PX 90, PX 360, HD 800, HD 700, HD650, HD 600, HD 598, HD 558, HD 518, HD 429, HD 428, HD 380, HD 280, HD 25, HD 228, HD 220, HD 202 II
- Skullcandy Knockout, PLYR2, Grind, Icon 2, Icon 3, Navigator, SLYR, Agent, Hesh, Hesh 2, Crusher, Mix Master
And many other headphones

- Headphone stand only, Headphone is not included.

Package Includes:
- 1 x Headphone Stand

(Colors shown in pictures may slightly differ from actual product due to lighting and color settings.)

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